Animal Lover! Going on vacation? Need a walker?


Animal Lover! Going on vacation? Need a walker?
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+352 661 389 765
City Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
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Experience 1-2 years
City:Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Country: Luksemburg

Hello there! My name is Sheena and I am a student at the University of Luxembourg. I'm an animal lover, but since I'm currently living the student lifestyle, it would be an irresponsible decision to adopt a cat right now since I can't make a 20 year commitment in this time of my life. That being said, I would be more than willing to watch your pet for you when you need it. Cats, small dogs, and other small critters can stay at my place, while it would be better to go to your place for bigger dogs. I live around Esch and I don't have a car, so regular dog walking would be manageable if it were somewhat nearby. I love spending time, playing with, and cuddling animals! It's highly likely that I will become a cat lady after my studies. Therefore, I'm willing to do this for a very reasonable price (especially for cats, since they are so independent) since I would enjoy the company! I'm just a friendly student willing to give my love and attention to your fur babies :)

Sheena a été parfaite avec notre chat. Nous l'avions confié pendant 15 jours et au moment du départ il ne voulait plus partir ! Il a reçu beaucoup d'affection et d'attention et nous recommandons fortement Sheena si vous souhaitez faire garder votre anima

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