I am looking for a host family


I am looking for a host family
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City Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Accept last minute babysitting
Shared care
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Experience 3-4 years
City:Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Country: Luksemburg

I have been exposed to Babysitting/ Au pair experience for almost 4 years now, taking care of children ages 5 -12 years old. And i focus on the youngest one. My previous host family was from Denmark and i live with them for two years. They have 3 kids ages 5 y/o girl, 7 y/o girl and 9 y/o boy. My daily routine was making the lunch pack and help them get ready for school . When they leave, i do some house chores and when sometimes i picked them up (only the girls) from school whenever my host are busy at work or when they cannot make it on time so they have me to call on for an emergency ????. I have an schedule on making dinner and i do it every Thursday, they gave me these day to make Filipino foods or Danish food so that kids can have an idea or have a different dish that they may know. However, during the weekend Sunday is the important day of my life ( i love to spend the day to Church) and Saturday still my free day but sometimes my host ask me to do babysitting. I am so glad and comfortable during my stay with my Danish family, they are so cool and happy family. They treat me well as part of the family. And I'm currently Au pair here in Norway.

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