Looking for a full time nanny position Sept 2022


Looking for a full time nanny position Sept 2022
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City Luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
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Experience 4-6 years
Country: lu

5-6 years experienced babysitting and doing household chores. Things that I do for the kids: Picking up from school, preparing snack and dinner, take them to do the bath, play with them and an extra help for guidance in playing piano also crafting. For the house I am able to clean and do some laundry and ironing. I’ve been working with 3 different families and nationalities (Danish,Norwegian and Italian) for 2 years each. It’s because of the visa so I have to move and change to different families. I’ve found Luxembourg a place that I am hoping to stay more as much as I can and I am glad to have another family here again. Please message me if you’re interested. Thank you. Br. Venus

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