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City luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Driving license
Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
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Experience 3-4 years
Country: Luksemburg

Hello! Its Mounia, i am searching for a partial or full time job like nanny, i have pretty experience with kids. I will tell you a little bit about me: I am 26 years old, from Spain. I am interested in work like nanny cause i love kids and i think its a good job if you like kids and you are good at it. Right now, i want to stop of work in big companies and improve my french while i am working a partial or full time nanny job. Like i said before i have experience with kinds cause i did Au pair ( period of time to live with a host family while taking care of their kids). i did my Au pair experience in Switzerland and i had the best experience ever, until right now i am still in contact with my ex host family, and of course if you want a reference just to know how i am like nanny, once you liked my profile and you are interested in me, i can bring you their contact and then its the best way to know me. Also here in Luxembourg i had a experience with another family, it was little kid of 3 years, another amazing experience.My like experience like nanny it was 5 months, a indian/american family qith 2 kids, also a really good family but i have to finish with them cause they are moving back to America, also this family can recommend me. About the languages that i speak i can say that i am native in Spanish and Arabic, good knowlodges , oral and written in English. i have a medium level of French, i have good conversation, also i know a lot of Portuguese. And a basic level of German ( just some words haha A1 level) About what i expect of the family: Preferebly i want work with a family just for take care of the kids and also do all the activities that involves them, like play with them,go to the park with them, take them from the school, do the homework together, cook for them, ... About the hours i am interested in 15 or more hours per week, Maybe if is less, i can study this case, it depends... but foremore i am interested in 25 hours or more per week. About my Schedule, right now, later i dont know, i am available the whole day. So.. if you want to know more about me.. dont hesitate to ask me vía email or vía whatsap, i will write it below. Greetings, Mounia

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