Nanny with 7-8 yrs of experience..


Nanny with 7-8 yrs of experience..
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City Schlassgewan, Schrassig, Luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
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Experience More than 6 years

I have been exposed to Babysitting/ Au pair experience / Nanny Job for almost 7 years now, taking care of children ranging from the ages of 1-13. But I pay special attention with the little ones, and toddlers. I would say that handling toddler twins is my expertise because 3 of my host family from the past each have a set of twins. And now, I am in my fourth family, and they have two kids which are 5 and 6 years old. In Denmark I stayed with my Danish family for more than two years. They have four kids, the eldest is 10, next is 6 and the youngest were the 2yr old twins (both boys). The twins stayed with me at home the whole day because they don’t go to kindergarten (The last time I visited them they are both in school and are both doing great). I work from 7 a.m until 4 p.m in my super nice Danish family. I really love them. I technically become the big sister of the family, I do the house chores at the same time while taking care of the twins. Sometimes the twins would help me clean just to have fun with me, and they also know how to tidy up their toys. I played with them, eat with them, put them to nap, walk them every day to get fresh air, and laugh with them, and many more. After I finished my contract in Denmark, I met my American host family in France and bring me with them in United States. I stayed in U.S for more than a year. My American host family have a set of a “girl and boy twins.” The twins just turned 1 when I come to them in France. My host Dad played basketball in the European league in France, this is how I meet them. He got injured and the family decided to go back to US bring me along with them. Like in Denmark, my work start at 7 am to get the twins ready for kindergarten and they are back at 2p.m. I dropped them at the bus stop and picked them up also when they get back. While the twins are in school, I do the cleaning and house chores. And when they are back, I play with them until before dinner while my host mom do the cooking. I walk and play with the twins in the park every day and would come back home before dinner. My host mom and I read stories to them and put them to bed together. I love my American family as much Danish family. My American family actually wanted me to stay with them for a longer run as their Nanny, and offered to send me to a university. But I really love Europe, and they respect my decision. We still stay in touch, and they still want me back anytime I want to. After U.S, I found my Third family in Norway. They have four kids: the eldest was 9, then 6, and the youngest were the 2yr. old twins (both boys). The bigger kids go to school, and the twins to kindergarten. In this family my focus was the twins and the house (the house was huge!). In the morning I prepare the breakfast for everybody, and also the lunch box for the kids. While all the kids are away, my job is to clean the house before the twins are back at 4p.m. I get the kids from the train station and we walk for 15mins back home. I have to babysit the twins while preparing for dinner before the big kids and the parents come back. We all eat together as a family. I do a lot of extra babysitting with my Norwegian family because my host parents love to spend time the eldest son and their daughter. I and the twins are always together whenever this happens. I am also in charge of preparing the twins for school, waking them up and getting them dress. I also put them to bed every day. I love all my host family and their kids but most especially their twins. I am currently with my fourth family now in Luxembourg. It is in this family that I have learned to really cook, which I find very interesting. Here, I spend more time in babysitting, taking them to the bus stop and picking them up from school, and bringing the eldest to her trainings/activities. My family here in Luxembourg are very nice. I have nothing to say how good they treat me as their family. I have grown to love the country of Luxembourg, and I am looking for a family here in Luxembourg that will take me in as their Nanny. I can provide references from all my host family if you need it. Thank you.

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