1. General information

A. Homehelp.lu website is administered by Eliza Malczyk, contact@homehelp.lu.
B. Website gathers information about its users and their activities in the following manner:
- by saving data provided voluntarily in forms available on the website
- by storing the so-called Cookie files on users’ devices.
C. This Privacy Policy is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as a replacement of a safety policy complied with by the Website Operator and based on applicable provisions on personal data protection.
D. Website operator is responsible for administering data understood as personal data by the applicable law regulations.

2. Information on forms

A. Website gathers pieces of information that have been voluntarily provided by the user.
B. Website may also save data on connection parameters (time stamp, IP address)
C. Information provided in forms will not be made available to third parties without an explicit consent of the user.
D. Information provided in forms constitutes a set of personal data registered by the Website Operator in a register kept by the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données.
E. If personal data provided in the form allow for the identification of a natural person, such a person has the right to check, modify, and request the administration to cease gathering information about him or her. It may, however, result in the inability to access certain functions of the website.
F. Data provided in forms are processed in compliance with their initial purpose, so for example – to complete the registration process.
G. Data provided in forms may be presented to entities responsible for the realization of certain undertakings – it especially relates to providing data on the owner of a registered domain to domain operators with whom the Website Operator cooperates.

3. Information on Cookie files

A. This website uses Cookie files.
B. Cookie files (or the so-called „Cookies”) are digital chunks of data, especially text files that are being saved on the device of the user and allow for the proper functioning of the Website. Said files typically contain website’s name, storage duration, and a unique number.
C. Cookie files are saved on user’s device by the Website Operator and entities it cooperates with.
D. Cookie files are taken advantage of for the following purposes:
- gathering statistical data making it possible to better understand the way users utilize the Website, leading to the improvement of its structure and content
- maintaining user’s session (after logging in), so the user does not need to provide his or her password while visiting each and every subpage of the Website
- saving the content of user’s cart in the online shop
- specifying user’s profile in order to show him or her adjusted advertising-related content, especially by means of the Google network.
E. Within the scope of this Website, two major types of Cookie files are taken advantage of: session Cookies and persistent Cookies. The former are temporary files that are kept on user’s device till logging out, leaving the Website, or closing the utilized browsing software (Internet browser). The latter are stored on user’s device for a period of time specified in their parameters or till their deletion by the user.
F. Website browsing software (Internet browser) typically allows for Cookie file storing. Users can change its settings in this regard. The Internet browser also makes it possible to completely delete Cookie files or to block them. Details on that matter can be found in individual browser’s documentation.
G. Limiting the scope of utilization of Cookie files may impact certain functionalities of the Website.
H. Cookie files saved on user’s device may also be taken advantage of by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website Operator.
I. Cookie files may be utilized by advertising networks, especially by the Google network, to present the user with promotional materials adjusted to the way the user takes advantage of the Website. In order to do so, such networks can save data on user’s navigation behavior and on the duration of visiting given subpages.
J. When it comes to information on user’s preferences gathered by the Google network, the user can browse and edit data relating to the saved Cookie files by using the following tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

4. Server logs

A. Information on certain actions performed by users is saved in server logs. Such data are used to administer the Website and to ensure the high efficiency of the provided hosting services only.
B. Browsed content is identified by means of URL addresses. Other data that can be saved are:
- request time
- response time
- client’s station name – identification via HTTP
- information on errors while realizing a http transaction
- URL address of the website visited previously by the user (referrer link) – if the user was transferred to the website by a link,
- data on user’s browser
- information on the IP address.
C. Data specified above are not related to any particular individuals browsing the website.
D. Data specified above are taken advantage of for website administration-oriented purposes only.

5. Data disclosure and processing

A. Information specified within this document will be disclosed to external entities only in compliance with applicable law regulations.
B. Data allowing for the identification of a given person will be disclosed after prior receiving his or her consent only.
C. Operator may be required to present data gathered via the Website to authorized bodies after receiving a legally binding request to do so.

6. Cookie file management – how to accept or reject them?

A. If the User does not want Cookie files to be stored on his or her device, he or she can change browser settings. It has to be mentioned at this point that disabling Cookie files used for authorization, security level maintenance, and preference saving may make it troublesome or – in some cases – impossible to browse certain websites.