Looking for CHILD CARE/NANNY job


Looking for CHILD CARE/NANNY job
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+352 621647566
City Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
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Experience 3-4 years
City:Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Country: Luksemburg

Hello! My name is Monette Caramat, 24 years old. I am from the Philippines but I am currently living and working here in Luxembourg as a young au pair. I've been taking care of young ones aged four years old and one-year old, both boys. I also have my own two kids living in the Philippines, (age 4 and 1 as well) with my husband. My husband was the one who's taking good care of them full time while I'm away. I am also currently enrolled to the Institut National Language here in Luxembourg with a French course. I can speak and understand francais a little bit, but I am still learning and studying more to enhance my knowledge to this language. At the age of 24, I must tell that I have a lot of experiences in child care, especially that I am also a mother of two. I raised my own kids alone while my husband was working before. Having a long patience is a very important attitude/quality for a nanny to have. Should you have further questions, you may contact me on WhasApp. Hoping to hear soon. Have a good day. Sincerely, Monette

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