Tutoring, Russian, Ukrainian teacher, skype lesson

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Tutoring, Russian, Ukrainian teacher, skype lesson
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City Luxembourg, Trintange, Sandweiler, Remich
Languages English
Additional Information Part-time
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Experience 1-2 years
City:Luxembourg, Trintange, Sandweiler, Remich
Country: lu

Hello, my name is Sofiia. I'm a student and looking for a part-time work in Luxembourg. I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. I can speak with you on my mother tongue language and learn it easier. I live in Trintange and don't have car, that why use bus 160, if you live on this way you can write me, or I can give you Skype lessons. I free: on Monday-Friday: 8-11.30 //17- 21 and any time on the weekend. Hope see you soon..

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