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City:Luxembourg City, luxembourg Ville
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I'm Junalyn Ivy Alla from the Philippines. I'm 25 years old. I studied BS-Tourism Management and graduated at Our Lady of Fatima University. I am the eldest child, and I have 5 siblings. I started working when I was 19 to pay my graduation fees. I am one of the academic scholars of my Alma Mater. Being the eldest child, I could say that I have this close attachment with my family. My mother was a domestic helper for 10 years, so I grew up taking care of my siblings. I was the first one who taught them how to read and write. That's why I would like to submit my application to your Au Pair Program. I firmly believe that I am your best candidate for this Au Pair Program. This is for my family. They are my inspiration and strenght. I am currently employed as a Customer Care Associate at Prosync, the BPO of San Miguel Corporation. I am very comptent at work. I don't have absences and lates. I worked previously for airline companies and a technical company. Now, I am a representative for San Miguel Beer customer care. At young age, I started to work so I can say that I am flexible enough. Everyday from the past 5 years of my career, I have been talking and engaging with different nationalities. Reading is my hobby. Books are my only collections. Sometimes, I express my feelings through writing poems and essays. It feels different when I am reading. It's like I am with this different world. And this different world is with me. My favorite book is The God of Small Things. It was written by an indian author, Arundhati Roy. I am applying for this Au Pair Program because I firmly believe that this is the fastest way to work abroad and to travel across the globe. The immersion to different culture is overwhelming. I know that this program will lead me to better opportunities, better salary, better places, better knowledge and better life. As for me, this Au Pair Program is my only shot to success. I hope you could help me reach my dreams.

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