Dog-Sitting: Live-in house with Garden for 2 weeks

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Dog-Sitting: Live-in house with Garden for 2 weeks
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City Mersch
Languages English
Additional Information Driving license
Full time
Experience 3-4 years
Country: lu

Hello! We are going on holiday in September and need an amazing human to look after our 2 beautiful dogs. More about the dogs: We have 2 dachshunds, Tjoppie (1 year, 3months old) and Boeta (6 months old). Both are house and potty-trained and both are extremely lovable. Our youngest, Boeta, is a bit shy and barks quite a lot when he goes for walks, but is a loveable companion and gives a lot of kisses. Our oldest, Tjoppie, is probably the most loving dog and we get compliments wherever we take him. He enjoys cuddling and playing with his toys. Tjoppie has a history of eating stones, so we always keep an eye on him when he is outdoors and we have tried to make our garden as stone-free as we possibly could to reduce the risk. They both enjoy 1-2 walks a day around our neighborhood which is very safe and depending on the weather. More about the house: We live in a cul-de-sac in a 4 story semi-detached house with a lovely 2 level garden. Our house has a lot to offer for someone who would stay here for 2 weeks as they can enjoy the wifi, Netflix, an indoor gym, a guest bedroom with its own balcony overlooking the valley, and a dedicated parking spot/garage. We have an open-plan living/kitchen area and tons of natural light. Our garden also has a built-in fire pit that allows for cozy everenings and barbeques. We also have a washing room for laundry and a bathtub to relax in. More about the job: We care for our dogs a lot and we are looking for a very responsible person to stay in. Our dogs can be left alone for up to 4 hours if you would need to go somewhere. In cases where you leave the house for longer periods, you can make use of the nanny cam that we have to keep an eye on the dogs when we go out (just to make sure that they are okay inside the house). The job would require for you to stay in every night as our dogs have never slept in the house alone and this would not be acceptable for us, but what you get up to during the day is completely up to you! We also don't mind if you bring a friend over as we don't want you to get lonely, we just don't want any parties or strangers coming into the house as it's still our home with all our personal belongings, but we don't mind a friend of course. The dogs enjoy a walk once or twice a day, depending on your mood, but at least once for 20min should be good. They are young and have lots of energy so a walk does them good. The dogs should also never go off-leash, please. We live in Mersch, and our town has a lot to offer if you want to explore or get bored at the house. We have a big park and a shopping center within 3km of the house. We have a good standing relationship with both our neighbors should you ever need anything or lose a key. If this interests you then I am happy to have a video call with you or meet up. Time away: 4 - 18 September 2021 (2 weeks) Price per day for sitter: 35 EUR (490 EUR in total) Please send me a Whatsapp on +352661157283 or an email at, no SMS, please!

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