Experienced nanny available from February 2021


Experienced nanny available from February 2021
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City Luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Driving license
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Experience More than 6 years
Country: Luksemburg

Hi everyone! I am new to the area. I am originally from Spain but lived in the UK for the past six years working as a nanny.I am on the search of a new job in the Education field, either as nanny or in some bilingual school with English/Spanish???????????????? I don't mind relocating area at all. At the mine to I am temporarily living on the border at German side. I am a professional nanny with more than 12 years experience, with kids of all ages, including babies and new borns???????????????????????? I Have a maternity nurse qualification, sleep training, Child Psychology and paediatric first aid.I am Currently finalising my studies to become an early Years montessori practitioner. I drive, and is used to the expat life. ????I am searching a job ideally of a max of 30hours (so I can finish the Montessori course). Possible to do more hours from April. If you know anyone who needs help with their kids, please, let me know via PM and we can take it from there ???? Excellent references Upon request. Thank You!

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