In need of Host Family ASAP


In need of Host Family ASAP
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+31 613570747
City Bertrange Luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Babysitting
After school care
Taking care of sick children
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Experience More than 6 years
City:Bertrange Luxembourg
Country: Luksemburg

Dear future host family, I hope you are doing well. Im Cristina Norberte, 27 years old. I am from Philippines but currently live in Bertrange Luxembourg. I am looking for a new host family because my current host family could not afford to have an au pair anymore. I just arrived last October 5 and in need of host family as soon as possible. I have a lot of experience to taking care the kids and to do the household, when I was young my parents teached me how to cooked and cleaned the house, we are 7 siblings and I am 4th of them, we have a big and happy family. About the experience for work is caring the children, housekeeping, massage therapy in the Philippines, but before i came here in Luxembourg the first country that I've lived before is in the Netherlands, I was aupair there for 1 year then after in Denmark for 2 years. My two previous host family are flixible and lovely, we both comfortable for each other and they treated me as their eldest daughter and member of their family. They are also like my parents. I am also flexible,kind and open minded for a lot of things. I love cooking and playing with the kids. I am comfortable person with my host family. Hope to see you soon. Thank you very much. Here's my email address.

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