Live in full time nanny


Live in full time nanny
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City luxembourg
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
Shared care
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Experience More than 6 years
Country: Luksemburg

Hi, I am Iona. I am 31 years old. Originally from The Philippines and currently in Denmark as Au Pair. I've been an Au Pair for more than 6 years. In my entire Au pair experience I am looking after kids ages 3 months and above. I do household chores and babysitting. I am very flexible in time . I lived in Switzerland and Austria for a year, so I speak a little German and very willing to learn more and be fluent. In addition, I speak Norwegian too. I am an outgoing person. During my free time, I spend it mostly with my friends, or explore the country where I am living. I love traveling too! I love to learn new culture, thats why I chose to be an Au Pair. I am dedicated and flexible to the task that is given to me. I am looking for host family that is looking for a full time nanny. You can absolutely contact my previous hosts and my current host for reference. Kind Regards, Iona

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