Looking a nanny position in Luxembourg


Looking a nanny position in Luxembourg
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City bertrange
Languages English
Additional Information Full time
After school care
Taking care of sick children
Accept last minute babysitting
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Experience 4-6 years
Country: Luksemburg

Hi, I am Irene Balatayo, 28 years of age and I am living here in Netherlands for 5 months as an au pair. After these I would like to stay more in Luxembourg and I am looking for another family to be with as your nanny for the future and helping you for daily life. I have been experience a babysitting/au pair for almost 6 years, I had been an au pair in Norway for 2 years and taking care of the kids at age 9 years old (boy)and 5 years old (girl). Both parents are worked so early, My daily's routine are to woke up and help them to get ready for school. I prepare their breakfast and pack the lunch for oldest son and bring them to school. During the day when they are gone, My day started to do house chores like, cleaning the whole house, laundry and ironing. I usually focusing the youngest girl, I pick up her after school and gave snacks and play outside when sunny and inside when rainy. I do prepared a dinner when they want me to cooked. Weekends was my day off but sometimes (mostly Saturday) they will ask me to babysit if possible when they wanted to spent their time to friends. It was really nice experience because they really nice to me and they treated as part of there family. In Denmark I stayed with my Danish host family for 2 years. They are really amazing family with 2 boys age 16 and 14 years old (boys) and they are independent themselves. My task are to tidy up there mess, cleaning each room, clean the whole house, cooking, and I took care the only 1 dog name Aslan and I walked him 3 times a day for pee/pou. I spent my weekend to the church. I really like reading Bible or Cristian books. In Luxembourg I stayed a 1 year contract. At first I stayed 9 months for my first host family but because they don't need help anymore, we decided to terminate my contract. I've found a host family to continue my 3 months left of visa. A family with 3 years old boy and 15 months girl when I started on them. As an au pair I do the same thing to do house chores, laundry, cooking, ironing, tidy up everyday, pick up them after school and play them. In Netherland I do the same things, prepare the lunch, cooking, house chores, tidy up, pick up the kids, playing them. The family consist a 5 member of the family, father, mother with 3 children age (8,6,3). I hope I will meet you in the future, and thank you very much. If you have further question don't hesitate to ask I am willingly to answer, you reach me via WhatsApp +31636471813. Have a wonderful day to you Kind regards, Irene

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