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City Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Languages English
Additional Information Driving license
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Experience 3-4 years
City:Luxembourg Ville, luxembourg City
Country: Luksemburg

Dear host family, Hi, my name is Mariana. I was born and I live in São Paulo, Brazil with my parents, my sister and my pets. I really have a great relationship with my family. My family is very important for me, we are very close and I really like spending time with them. They are supporting me a lot to become an au pair and that encourages me to follow my dreams. Currently I work in a office full time during the week, and in my free time I like studying, go to the cinema or watching movies in my home, to ride a bike, reading books and, if I have more time, I like to travel. Also I love stay in my home with my family, talking them, whatching TV or movie together. I would say that as a person independent, open-minded, patient and honest. I like to learn new things. I've got my drive's license little while ago because I didn't have a car before and I live and a big city for me it's easy ride the train, bus or subway. Last year I was responsible for 2 kids, Carlos Eduardo my neighbor's son and Iago my friend's son, they was 2 and 1 years old. I take care of during the week, while your parents was working. In my daily routine I was responsible for a bathing, playing, feeding, every kid likes to play games. So, to amuse them I would play lots of games, always using the imagination. I also was volunteer in a kindergarten as a Teacher's assistant the children are 4 years old and I follow in all activities implemented by professor for them to release all their energy. It's was an incredible experience and I learned with then. There, I help to take care of their hygiene, help them in the bathroom, play with them, and after all those things, I fed them and helped them take a nap. I also had experiences with my little sister and my cousin. I want to be an au pair because I hope it can help improving my English and others languages, working and studying would be great for my future, when I come back to Brazil I hope to find better job opportunities. I love children and I feel ready for care them. I think it's very fascinating to discover and to learn about the different places. In all the experiences that I've had with kids so far they have taught me a lot of new things. For me to be their counselor has helped me to grow up and realize the important affect that we have on their lives. Working with kids has been always fun and rewarded. That is the reason I want to become an au pair because I love being with children. I would like to show your family about my culture and that we can have a good time together. I'm really so excited to be au pair, know my host family and willing to new experiences and challenges. I want make my best work and to study hard. I would like to spend a year with you for know you culture, make part of you family, teach my culture for you kids and pass good time with you . Regarding the difficulties we may have in our time together, I am an open and sincere person , and in return I also hope that. Thank you for reading my letter. Best Regards, Mariana

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